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Do you need a plumber service or can you do the plumbing repair job yourself? On the surface this may appear to be a simple cut and dry question with an equally simple answer, however, the answer is never that simple. For one thing you need to weigh in several factors to make your final decision. Are you skilled at plumbing repairs or are you reading a dummies guide to plumbing repairs while water spews at you from the sink or floods your bathroom floor? If so, you should be calling on a licensed plumber for the job and not attempting it yourself. If on the other hand the repair is fairly simple such as a dripping faucet and you feel up to the task to change out a washer and turn off the water- you may be quite willing to forgo the cost of a plumber and do the repair yourself.

The key is of course to not get in over your head. Some repairs such as a leaky faucet may be more extensive than they first appear to be. For example a leak that has been going on for a long time may only be discovered when the extensive damage from the leak itself is discovered. Water has a way of soaking into and wrecking up everything it comes into contact with which can include your sub flooring and drywall and your cupboards. A simple leaky faucet can quickly become a massive home make over as dry wall is removed and sub floors are torn up. This is where the cost for a plumber’s expertise tends to pay off. A plumber is trained to, amongst other things, look for potential damage from long-standing plumbing issues and hopefully help catch them while they are still budding and not established. If you suspect the leak you just discovered has been going on for a while, you might want to call in a plumber and hedge your bets against further undetected damage occurring.

If you’re a renter you probably don’t have a choice in the matter. Landlords and rental management companies tend to have their own criteria for dealing with plumbing problems, but if you’re the homeowner you will likely face this challenging question multiple times. A toilet that continues to run, a faucet that drips in the middle of the night or a dishwasher that fails to drain are all common occurrences that you will either have to tackle or trust to someone else to tackle.

If you decide your skills are not where they should be for the problems you have, you might want to line up a skilled plumber Ipswich boiler service that you can trust to call on when the need arises. Its always a good idea to have an established plumber who is at least familiar with your home before a major emergency occurs because remember that water can do a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. The best option is to be pro active and have your plumber on speed dial.