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automotive 12 volt led lightsThat strip you connected to has the 3528 size LEDs which produce about 7 lumens per LED with a total amount of 300 leds per 5M. LEDs do not fume while powered on, making them safe to touch as well as devoid of fire surges. Solder one end of the cable to the favorable terminal on the battery and also the other to the longer lead on the LED. Know that LEDs have 2 leads; one is significantly longer than the other.

The 18 ga. wire I am taking a look at is virtually the like thermostat wire but it has an extra insulation sheath on the outside. The price difference is limited and I like the idea of the strong wire being easier to keep straight vs the light cable. There will certainly be several cords coming off the 'power wall surface' and also I intend to maintain points neat as well as neat. The power wall will have 3 x 12 volt - 18 amp power supplies with 9 circuits each, although not all the circuits in each power supply will be in use.