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I was reading an article about the opt-in rates for push notifications from a source I found on social media. I won't mention any names or who conducting the survey. At the time of this writing, the survey made claims that the average opt-in rates for push notifications are down to 43 percent. This is not the news I wanted to read. I have a lot of compassion for apps.

I think this has little effect on the popularity of apps and if you can get an app created that the audience will like we have a winner.

With the amount of apps on the marketplace, we have so much at our fingertips that on average most smartphone users have two or three apps downloaded to their devices. With the heavy usage on social media, it is estimated that half of that traffic is coming from mobile devices.

They say that business apps are not as popular as game apps. That is so true and game downloads are huge. This is a big market and real money for someone who wants to get into this field.

The stats are there to prove it, simply go to the app stores and the downloads are huge on popular game apps.

This raises my question that since business apps are not as popular as game apps, it is the place to be for app marketers. Business apps have less competition. This can be very lucrative since the market is 99% untouched.

I also want to point out that many businesses do not have an app. It's great for business that do. Many business owners are using social media and find the need for apps not important. This is not understanding what apps can do or they don't know they are available for business.

I think businesses are missing out on a large market share by not having an app. When you give something away like a free app, your customers will be more loyal to you. It's because the business owner is showing their customers they care about them.

Smartphone users want information and they want it now. Most apps have push notifications built in the app. This is a widely known feature and if a business uses this for promotions, a 43 percent open rate is still better than average.

I believe the open rate for business apps is much higher, as a business owner when you send out a push notification to your customers. Your customers are much more targeted and you can be specific to what your customers will want to read, such as a special sale.

From my experience with apps that I have built, the percentage of downloads are higher when you offer a coupon or discount. This is information I like to show business owners because it shows what the customer is looking for. I also found that down loaders don't care about the look and feel about the business. If you have any kind of inquiries pertaining to where and ways to use PushPrime, you can contact us at the internet site. They want a quick way to call and a quick way to know the location. This is what apps can provide.