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He's the practicing sexologist and then a part time teacher naturelfrancemedecine of medicine for the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, he also had additional courses at the Morehouse School of Medicine. In addition, with 7 years of experience, he is a regarded philanthropist and also invests some time and efforts into supporting people worldwide as his principal extracurricular activity.

maincontentWhile he researched urology at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, he also took supplemental classes at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and is also well-known for his personalized strategy and his capability to be truthful to the affected individual, without dreading for the likely effects.

As an esteemed medical care specialist, he attends the various professional medical seminars and frequently provides his opinion on the matter through the numerous conventions organized by the globally known healthcare corporations. He is the author of several training books on several medical topics and his opinion is very discuss important inside the specific circles.

Known as the key professional in his field, he also produces blogs in addition to articles for the major healthcare publications. He had the unique honor to be cited by the national news companies and also various talk shows.