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The aluminium oxide (AL2O3) moisture sensor gives correct dedication of dew issue, frost stage, ppm, or relative humidity in most industrial gases.

The working basic principle of the aluminum oxide sensor is that its capacitance differs with the moisture concentration. The sensor is capable of both equally ppm and Oxygen Transmitters dew issue measurements in most industrial gas streams. The electronics are mounted internally and procedure the sign from the sensor and display screen the readings on the front screen panel.

Aluminium Oxide Moisture Sensor Concept
An aluminum layer on a ceramic aid is anodized to form a thin porous layer of aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide is then coated with a skinny, permeable layer of gold. The gold and the aluminium layers kind the sensor electrodes.

Figure 1. Cross-area of aluminium oxide sensor.

The gold layer is permeable to moisture and conductive. This sorts the next electrode of a capacitor.

The pores in the aluminium oxide layer take up humidity from the gas stream in quantities immediately proportional to the humidity articles of the gas stream.

Determine two. Near-up watch of aluminium oxide sensor.

The absorption of drinking water molecules improvements the capacitance of the sensor. The capacitance of the sensor is measured which is then converted to the dampness worth.

The radius of the pores in the aluminium oxide layer make the sensor specific to water molecules.

Employs of the Aluminium Oxide Sensor
The aluminium oxide sensor is acceptable for use on virtually any application exactly where moisture measurements are expected.

Industrial apps for dampness analyzers slide into two regions:
Fuel Producers: for making sure item good quality
Gasoline Customers: to assure dependability of inert fuel blankets.
Normal industries demanding the use of humidity measurement products are Semiconductor, Metal Remedy, and Plastics.