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In this situation, we could be right. Our children could be killed by a high density of lead dust, and that would be a concern for us."

In another case, a teacher at a local school in Arizona's Central Valley took her son to his doctor for a blood test. Doctors found toxic lead in his blood and blood-wet milk. She told KXAN she believed the test results were accidental.

As the Arizona State Board of Education's Office of Civil Rights reports:

"The board of education does not believe that it makes it a requirement for students in low-income communities to use paint to protect other bodily areas from exposure to paint or other materials that can contribute to human disease. In this case, it appears that spray paint canvas ( paint could have caused additional harm if used widely in such a manner."

The EPA did not address the allegations in any depth, saying that it is currently analyzing the case.

KXAN was provided access to all the videos the EPA will release on the issue, but the story we have from the day they took office was not fully covered. The report is also below.

You can watch the entire video above, but please understand that we did not take part in an analysis. We would like to thank the public for its patience and support.

The EPA does, however, have some resources to respond to concerns from parents and community members who believe their children have been exposed to exposure to contaminated chemicals. For example, the EPA's Resource Safety and Health webpage at has a list of EPA resource links for people involved in the community for information about what steps they can take to ensure they are able to safely use any paint for their children.

The following video will take you to a very interesting moment:

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The Washington Post's Tom Shalev reports Tuesday that the FBI may have uncovered a