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Log cabins are most often associated with the American west and Canada where tree logs were a readily available building material for the early European settlers. However, Holzhaus kaufen modern cabins are now readily available all over the world, and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. These modern log cabins have a strength, durability and insulating warmth that original cabins no doubt lacked. They are also a surprisingly affordable alternative to more traditional brick and mortar buildings and are available for a wide range of purposes.
A modern log cabin is likely to be a combination of the traditional with the latest in building technology. The pioneers of the American West might have difficulty recognising a modern wooden cabin as essentially the same thing they once lived in, if they were brought back, but in essence today's log cabins are. The necessary carpentry woodworking craftsmanship is there, but modern materials have also been added to provide better insulating qualities for roof and walls, better waterproofing for roofs, and better glazing insulation than any pioneer could ever have dreamed of.
Log cabins can be practically any size required. They can be quite small and little more than a garden shed, or they can be surprisingly large and in fact larger than most homes. Wooden cabins appeal to anyone who loves wood. They have a natural appearance that suggests the countryside and the forest. They have an environmentally friendly appeal too as the main component is a renewable resource - wood. It is a material that man has used for thousands of years, and is likely to continue using for many thousands more.
Brick and mortar, or more likely, concrete blocks these days, may have more in the way of rugged strength, but wood has an appeal that brick and concrete does not. It blends in with nature. It lives and breathes with nature, and it has subtle smells of heady resin that brick and concrete simply cannot compete with on any level. When you gaze at a traditionally built log cabin you can feel the work of nature tamed, but never conquered, by the work of a master craftsman. Wood stays alive in ways that even stone does not, and that is the main basic appeal of log cabins for us all.
Today, log cabins can be found practically anywhere. In the UK they are proliferating at a healthy rate as more and more people come to appreciate the simple design and basic practical appeal of a log cabin. There are companies all over the country that can supply cabin kits of all sizes, making log cabins one of the most popular building types around.