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Thinking about pursuing overseas company registration? Holland has many benefits, but can get a little confusing. Holland is generally used to refer to the whole of The Netherlands, but in actuality consists of two regions. North Holland and South Holland comprise the two Dutch provinces which in turn house the three largest cities in the Netherlands: Amsterdam (country capital), The Hague (government seat), and Rotterdam (Europe's largest port). As you can imagine, the business entities which provide the best access to these diverse geographical and political regions are as separate as the cities themselves. If you are hoping to access the centuries-old trade route, Rotterdam and her ports are a logical choice. If you need on-the-ground access to the latest political moves of the Netherlands the minute they occur, a branch office in Amsterdam staffed by a local citizen is imperative to your strategy. And if your company registration in Holland intends to benefit from the generous tax laws in place, access to the government seat in The Hague may be more to your fitting.
But as you know, the winds of change blow businesses too. You should be appraised of any late changes to tax code and business requirements when seeking company registration in Holland. The only way to accomplish this is through an extensive network of Netherlands legal and business professionals that live and practice in the city of your choosing. Adhering to regulations for a public limited company in Rotterdam which requires Chamber of Commerce audited account filings does you no good if your company registration Holland จดทะเบียนบริษัท designation was filed as a branch office with dual directorship and require no formal accounting stipulations. You have just wasted precious capital, time and energy filing un-needed paperwork. Company registration Holland can offer some of the world's most substantial trade and tax benefits, but not if your information is old and outdated, and you spend money and time chasing your financial tail.
Can you afford to risk your company's future by consulting with overseas business "experts" that do not even understand the complex differences in company registration Holland? All entities and regions are different, and the desires of the Netherlands' many business registrars as dictated by the local government change frequently due to the desired impact on Holland's bottom line. Don't fall prey to un-disciplined overseas business consultants that try to shoe-horn your desires into their limited area of expertise.